• Main turbogenerator types
    ТЗВ-1200-2А ТЗВ-890-2А -
    ТВВ-1000-2 ТВВ-500-2 ТВВ-220-2А
    ТВВ-1000-4 ТВВ-500-4 -
    ТФ-35-2М5 ТА-12-2 -
  • Auxiliary equipment
    • Process systems;
    • Excitation systems, start-up frequency converters;
    • Process control and automation systems.
  • Service support

    Along with equipment delivery, Power Machines provides the following services: technical supervision over installation activities; designer’s supervision; start-up, commissioning and warranty maintenance including participation in scheduled repairs; as well as consultancy support and customers’ personnel training.

    Power Machines offers a complete package of services that covers the entire product lifecycle, including:

    • post-warranty service maintenance including the supply of spare parts and special materials;
    • regular preventive and unscheduled maintenance;
    • renovation services (equipment parameters’ alignment with design levels);
    • modernization services (equipment parameters’ enhancement beyond design levels, including the replacement of major units and components);
    • overhaul services (significant enhancement of design parameters involving the replacement of all major parts and components, including their complete replacement with new equipment, if necessary).