Steam turbines

  • Advantages

    These turbines boast a number of design features increasing their reliability and lifetime.

    • We use solid-forged low- and high-pressure rotors;
    • This enhances turbine operation reliability and reduces operating costs for additional inspections;
    • The double-flow design of the cylinders and their layout help to unload the thrust bearing;
    • We are using a new design for the support bearing with enhanced load-bearing capacity;
    • The special shape of the guide vanes ensures optimal steam distribution along the vane height and an increase in LPC and HPC efficiency;
    • Honeycomb shroud seals are used in the steam path of high- and low-pressure cylinders. This minimizes steam leakage and boosts efficiency;
    • The use of high-quality stainless steel in high-pressure cylinder enclosure parts makes it possible to prevent the negative effect of wet steam on the turbine’s critical parts and reduce repair costs.
    • We have created a new rotor blade for the last stage of the low-pressure cylinder. Titanium used to manufacture the blade ensures extremely-high strength properties;
    • The surface of the last turbine stages’ rotor blades is coated with a protective layer of titanium nitride, which prevents erosion wear, thus increasing equipment service life;
    • We have increased the rigidity of the foundations, enclosures and supports of new turbo-generating sets, which has enhanced their operational reliability.
  • Auxiliary equipment
    • turbogenerators of various types with a maximum capacity of 1200 MW;
    • heat-exchanging and auxiliary equipment;
    • excitation systems and start-up frequency converters;
    • drive turbines for feed pumps.
  • Service support

    Along with equipment delivery, Power Machines provides the following services: technical supervision over installation activities; designer’s supervision; start-up, commissioning and warranty maintenance including participation in scheduled repairs; as well as consultancy support and customers’ personnel training.

    Power Machines offers a complete package of services that covers the entire product lifecycle, including:

    • post-warranty service maintenance including the supply of spare parts and special materials;
    • regular preventive scheduled inspections and emergency maintenance;
    • renovation services (equipment parameters’ alignment with design levels);
    • modernization services (equipment parameters’ enhancement beyond design levels, including the replacement of major units and components);
    • overhaul services (significant enhancement of design parameters involving the replacement of all major parts and components, including their complete replacement with new equipment, if necessary).