Zhiguli HPP Power Output Increases after Modernization of Hydropower Unit No. 7 by Power Machines

Following modernization of Zhiguli HPP hydropower unit No. 7 by Power Machines, the HPP’s installed capacity has increased by 10.5 MW. At present, it amounts to 2,456.5 MW.

This became possible as a result of implementation of a comprehensive modernization program launched by RusHydro: the hydroturbine and the generator rotor of hydropower unit No. 7 were replaced.

Test results have confirmed that it is possible to increase the hydropower unit from 115 to 125.5 MW; after that, the equipment was re-marked.

The new turbine has an improved design, a high capacity, and is distinguished by a high degree of environmental safety. Apart from replacement of the hydroturbine unit, the power unit was equipped with a modern control system that is installed on all of the Zhiguli HPP power unit undergoing reconstruction.

It is planned to manufacture equipment for 14 Zhiguli HPP hydropower units (another six hydropower units were modernized before 2010). The last hydropower unit bearing plant number 20 is scheduled to be put into operation in November of the current year. At present, eleven hydropower units modernized within the framework of the contract have been re-marked already.

Upon completion of the modernization, the total power of the Zhiguli HPP will increase by 147 MW and amount to 2488 MW.