Renewal of hydropower unit No. 5 at the Cheboksarskaya HPP with the participation of Power Machines has been completed

After a large-scale renewal, hydropower unit No. 5 has been put into operation at the Cheboksarskaya HPP. As part of the Comprehensive Modernization Program (CMP), RusHydro has restored the rotary-blade mode on the turbine and replaced the stator of the hydropower generator.

After the overhaul of the turbine impeller, carried out by Power Machines, its blade can change the angle depending on the flow rate and water pressure, which increases the efficiency of the hydropower unit. At present, 11 out of the 18 turbines of the Cheboksarskaya HPP have already been transferred to the optimal rotary-blade mode. Each of them has an environmentally friendly design featuring oil-free impeller sleeves. This excludes ingress of oil into water.

Hydropower unit No. 5 is the fourth unit already which has undergone not only the turbine impeller renewal, but also the installation of a new generator stator manufactured by Power Machines. Three more stators were replaced in hydropower units No. 2, No. 10, and No. 13 in 2014–2016. In the future, it is planned to perform similar work on all hydro units of the plant.

The overhaul of the Cheboksarskaya HPP continues: the assembly of the renewed impeller of hydropower unit No. 17 is being completed on the HPP assembly site. In addition, a new stator is being mounted on the same hydropower unit. A similar renewal of two more hydro units — No. 14 and No. 3 — will begin in 2017.

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Orders placed by domestic hydropower enterprises make up a significant part of Power Machines' order portfolio. This is due, first of all, to the implementation of RusHydro's large-scale program for the creation, reconstruction, and capacity increase of hydropower-generating facilities in the country. 

At present, Power Machines and RusHydro are jointly implementing a number of projects, including the installation of hydropower equipment at the Nizhne-Bureyskaya and the Ust-Srednekanskaya HPPs, which are currently under construction, and overhaul of the Volzhskaya, Zhigulevskaya, and Votkinskaya HPPs.