Power Machines Modernize Another Volga HPP Hydroelectric Unit

On September 4, 2017, hydroelectric unit bearing plant No. 1 was put into operation after refurbishment at the Volga HPP (a branch of RusHydro).

Under the hydroelectric unit refurbishment project, its hydro turbine, generator, field system, automation and balance of plant systems were replaced.  

The new hydroelectric unit has improved performance characteristics that will allow increasing its capacity ultimately by 10.5 MW. The equipment revamping is being carried out in compliance with the RusHydro Comprehensive Modernization Program (CMP).

Hydroelectric unit No. 1 was refurbished under a long-term agreement between RusHydro and Power Machines concluded in 2011. As the general contractor, Power Machines is responsible for equipment deinstallation and installation, installation supervision and commissioning. At present, 17 hydro turbines and 9 generators have been replaced at the plant. The total number of hydroelectric units installed at the Volga HPP is 22.

At present, Power Machines continues to perform hydroelectric unit No. 15 turbine and generator replacement work. The hydroelectric unit is scheduled to be put into operation in 2018. Generators field systems replacement work is underway as well.