Power Machines Will Improve Sales Efficiency with the Help of the SAP HYBRIS CLOUD FOR CUSTOMERS

SAP CIS and PJSC Power Machines, a major power plant engineering company, announced the launch of the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customers, in order to improve sales efficiency. Masterdata was PM's implementation partner.

The goal of the project is to build a centralized digital model of sales and customer service, as well as to ensure the technical functioning of a multichannel contact center for processing incoming messages from new customers. Additionally, Power Machines has now automated operational processes of pre-contract activities and goods price squaring. A common database, a history and analysis of customer interaction, of competitors, products and results recording came into service.

The project was implemented in six months, during which the solution was adapted to the specifics of Power Machines' tasks, and integrated with SAP ERP.

"The most important thing for the company is to establish close relationships with customers and to use customer information to maximum effect. Our company's great potential must be directed towards ensuring this: work process efficiency, data acquisition system, reflexive feedback and coordination, strategic plans development and implementation. For all this, we need a convenient tool," commented Yuri Sunyayev, PJSC Power Machines’ Vice-General Director and Sales Director. "We chose the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customers, because of its short implementation time, and flexibility in the realization of our tasks.

"Cloud technologies today allow the use of proactive approaches for creating a customer oriented business in machine-building. This project is a clear example of such a strategy’s implementation. According to Forrester, using our cloud CRM solution allows companies to increase their sales team’s productivity growth by 35%, and to increase the average transaction value by 28%," stated Andrei Sharak, SAP CIS’s Vice-General Director.

"In just six months' time, we managed to adapt our solution to the specific nature of the enterprise's sales processes, and integrate it with various systems, ensuring the technological capability of the contact center." "The project consists of four stages. Now we are in the final stage: putting the system into productive operation. It is worth highlighting that each phase was completed right on time thanks to the coordinated efforts of the customer, the integrator company, and the vendor," emphasized Nikolai Shchenin, MASTERDATA’s General Director.

Before long, the system’s other users will also be able to assess the advantages of the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customers. This includes specialists from the Foreign Sales Directorate, the Nuclear Power Engineering Directorate, and the Industrial Product Sales Directorate.