Power Machines - Toshiba. High Voltage Transformers Manufactured and Shipped for Russia's largest West Siberian Petrochemical Plant

The Power Machines - Toshiba High Voltage Transformers (PMTT) joint venture has manufactured and shipped the third out of four autotransformers for the substation (SS) of the Western Siberian Petrochemical Plant (ZapSibNeftekhim, a member of the SIBUR holding company), the largest project in Russia's petrochemical industry.

The contract for the manufacture and delivery of four 500 kV, 250 MVA three-phase autotransformers for the ZapSib SS 500 was signed in 2016. The company's obligations also include supervised installation of the equipment on site and training the customer's personnel.  The delivery of the transformers to Tobolsk is to be completed in August, 2017.

The new substation, equipped with modern equipment made by the Russian-Japanese joint venture, will ensure stable functioning of the LLC ZapSibNeftekhim petrochemical plant.

Participation in fitting out the largest petrochemical industry facility under construction in present-day Russia will become a significant landmark for PMTT in the development of a new product sales segment that will give the company serious references as regards high-voltage and high-power transformers.