Power Machines Manufacture Second Turbine for Byelorussian NPP

Power Machines have manufactured a 1200 MW high-speed turbine intended for the second power unit of the Byelorussian NPP that is currently under construction. The turbine successfully performed its factory test on a shaft turning device.           

Before long, the turbine will be taken apart and presented to the customer for an acceptance inspection.             

The contract for the manufacture of the Byelorussian nuclear power plant turbine hall primary equipment was concluded in 2012. Under its conditions, Power Machines will manufacture and deliver two complete turbine units for the NPP under construction, including 1200 MW high-speed steam turbines, condensers and auxiliary equipment, as well as two complete 1200 turbogenerators. Furthermore, Power Machines specialists will carry out supervised installation of the delivered equipment.

At present, Power Machines have manufactured the bulk of power generating and heat exchange equipment. The turbine and turbogenerator installation work is underway at power unit No.1.