Power Machines Continue Modernization of the Cheboksarskaya HPP

Hydroelectric unit No. 17 has been put in operation at the Cheboksarskaya HPP after a major reconstruction. The Power Machines have restored the adjustable-blade operation mode of the turbine and replaced the hydrogenerator stator. In this manner, two thirds (12 out of 18) of the turbines at the Cheboksarskaya HPP have now been transferred to the adjustable-blade mode.

As a result of the modernization, the hydroturbine blades may change their angle of pitch depending on water flow and pressure, which enhances the efficiency of the hydroelectric unit. All the blades have an environmentally safe design with oil-free runner sleeves. Consequently, the possibility of water pollution with oil is excluded.

Hydroelectric unit No. 17 became the fifth power plant unit whose generator stator was replaced simultaneously with runner reconstruction. Similar work was performed with four other hydroelectric units in 2014-16. In the longer term, all the power plant hydroelectric units are to be modernized in this way. The new equipment for the hydroelectric units has improved performance characteristics because of the practically ideal geometric shape of the stators.

RusHydro and the Power Machines continue to modernize the Cheboksarskaya HPP equipment. Assembly has been started on a new stator at hydroelectric unit No. 14; the hydroturbine of this unit is undergoing factory re-engineering. In 2017, similar work will commence on the same plant’s hydroelectric unit No. 3.

Comprehensive modernization is designed to improve the safety and reliability of the hydraulic power plant, reducing repair and operational costs. The annual reconstruction schedule has been agreed with the System Operator of the Unified Energy System, and does not limit the volume of power supply to consumers.