KTZ has manufactured a turbine generating unit designed for use in extreme conditions

Kaluga Turbine Works (KTZ), a part of Power Machines, has manufactured, tested, and shipped one of the two turbine generating units designed to operate at the coal-fired power plant in the Gross gold and silver deposit in South Yakutia. 

Equipment supply contract was concluded on December 30, 2016 with Neryungri Metallic, developing this field. 

 "The specific feature of the machines is that their cooling systems will work under extreme weather conditions at temperatures from -60oC to +40oC," explains Alexei Ryabinin, General Director of KTZ. To avoid freezing, it was decided to use propylene glycol instead of water as a coolant.

The revision and packaging of the first product was completed last week. The cargo was sent by rail. The platform with a 40-ton turbogenerator is planned to be delivered to Ikabia Station on May 2, and the 40-foot container with accessory equipment — on May 13. 

 Further, the equipment will be transported by road from the Trans-Baikal Territory to Yakutia. The second turbogenerator for the Gross field is now being manufactured.